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Pregnancy and the birth process Offer

$299.00 USD

 The Academy of Functional Pediatrics bring you this comprehensive program covering Pregnancy and the Birth process. This course covers the folling topics:

Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy 

  • Sacral assessment and correction 

  • Pelvic stability assessment 

  • Pelvic instability correction- SOT category II blocking 

  • Round ligament syndrome- diagnosis and corrrection 

  • Round ligament syndrome- anterior femur 

  • Transverse fascial plane balancing 

  • Piriformis syndrome 
    Tests for pelvic girdle pain 

  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction -SPD 

  • Pregnancy related nausea and vomiting- visceral adjustments 

  • Meralgia paresthetica assessment and correction 

  • Pregnancy related gastro-esophageal reflux 

  • Treatment of costo-chondritis

The Birth Process

  • The Birth Process- introduction 

  • Birth presentation and the birth process

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